A.I.M.S algorithms

AimsMLPLayer Member List

This is the complete list of members for AimsMLPLayer, including all inherited members.

activations() const AimsMLPLayer
adjust(const AimsData< float > &input, float learningrate, float momentum)AimsMLPLayer
AimsMLPLayer(int nneurons, int ninputs)AimsMLPLayer
backPropagation(const AimsMLPLayer &nextlayer)AimsMLPLayer
errors() const AimsMLPLayer
evaluateError(const AimsData< float > &target)AimsMLPLayer
forward(const AimsData< float > &input)AimsMLPLayer
nextWeights(int n) const AimsMLPLayer
nNeurons() const AimsMLPLayer
outputs() const AimsMLPLayer
setWeight(const AimsData< float > &weight, int neuron)AimsMLPLayer