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AimsMLPNeuron Class Reference

The class that describes MLP neuron. More...

#include <aims/neuralnet/multilayerperceptron.h>

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Public Member Functions

Constructor and Destructor
 AimsMLPNeuron (int ninputs)
 Constructor. More...
virtual ~AimsMLPNeuron ()
 Destructor deletes allocated data. More...
int nInputs () const
 Return the number of inputs. More...
float output () const
 Return the actual output. More...
float activation () const
 Return the activation. More...
float error () const
 Return the error. More...
float deltaW (int i) const
 Return the variation of weights. More...
float weight (int i) const
 Return the ieme weight. More...
void setWeight (const AimsData< float > &weight)
 Set the weights from weight vector. More...
void forward (const AimsData< float > &input)
 Forward propagation. More...
void evaluateError (float target)
 Error evaluation. More...
void backPropagation (const AimsData< float > &nexterror, const AimsData< float > &nextweight)
 Gradient back propagation. More...
void adjust (const AimsData< float > &input, float learningrate, float momentum)
 Modification of the weights. More...

Protected Attributes

int _nInputs
 Number of inputs. More...
float _output
 Floating output. More...
float _activation
 Activation value (before entering sigmoid function) More...
float _error
 Error between desired and actual value. More...
AimsData< float > * _deltaW
 Weight variation data. More...
AimsData< float > * _weight
 Weight data. More...

Detailed Description

The class that describes MLP neuron.

Definition at line 47 of file multilayerperceptron.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AimsMLPNeuron::AimsMLPNeuron ( int  ninputs)


ninputsnumber of inputs of the neuron
virtual AimsMLPNeuron::~AimsMLPNeuron ( )

Destructor deletes allocated data.

Member Function Documentation

float AimsMLPNeuron::activation ( ) const

Return the activation.

void AimsMLPNeuron::adjust ( const AimsData< float > &  input,
float  learningrate,
float  momentum 

Modification of the weights.

void AimsMLPNeuron::backPropagation ( const AimsData< float > &  nexterror,
const AimsData< float > &  nextweight 

Gradient back propagation.

float AimsMLPNeuron::deltaW ( int  i) const

Return the variation of weights.

float AimsMLPNeuron::error ( ) const

Return the error.

void AimsMLPNeuron::evaluateError ( float  target)

Error evaluation.

void AimsMLPNeuron::forward ( const AimsData< float > &  input)

Forward propagation.

int AimsMLPNeuron::nInputs ( ) const

Return the number of inputs.

float AimsMLPNeuron::output ( ) const

Return the actual output.

void AimsMLPNeuron::setWeight ( const AimsData< float > &  weight)

Set the weights from weight vector.

float AimsMLPNeuron::weight ( int  i) const

Return the ieme weight.

Member Data Documentation

float AimsMLPNeuron::_activation

Activation value (before entering sigmoid function)

Definition at line 56 of file multilayerperceptron.h.

AimsData<float>* AimsMLPNeuron::_deltaW

Weight variation data.

Definition at line 60 of file multilayerperceptron.h.

float AimsMLPNeuron::_error

Error between desired and actual value.

Definition at line 58 of file multilayerperceptron.h.

int AimsMLPNeuron::_nInputs

Number of inputs.

Definition at line 52 of file multilayerperceptron.h.

float AimsMLPNeuron::_output

Floating output.

Definition at line 54 of file multilayerperceptron.h.

AimsData<float>* AimsMLPNeuron::_weight

Weight data.

Definition at line 62 of file multilayerperceptron.h.

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