A.I.M.S algorithms

BlockMatching< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for BlockMatching< T >, including all inherited members.

BlockMatching()BlockMatching< T >
doit(AimsData< T > &ref, const AimsData< T > &test_orig)BlockMatching< T >
getresult()BlockMatching< T >inline
REF_HIGH_THRES enum valueBlockMatching< T >
REF_LOW_THRES enum valueBlockMatching< T >
setcutVar(double cv)BlockMatching< T >inline
setinfo(bool info)BlockMatching< T >inline
setinitialisation(const aims::AffineTransformation3d &m)BlockMatching< T >inline
setitermax(int itm)BlockMatching< T >inline
setlevel_start(int lsta)BlockMatching< T >inline
setlevel_stop(int lsto)BlockMatching< T >inline
setPkept(double pk)BlockMatching< T >inline
setseuilCorrel(double sc)BlockMatching< T >inline
setseuils(T sbr, T shr, T sbt, T sht)BlockMatching< T >inline
setstopVar(double sv)BlockMatching< T >inline
settailleBloc(int nx, int ny, int nz)BlockMatching< T >inline
settransfo(int t)BlockMatching< T >inline
TEST_HIGH_THRES enum valueBlockMatching< T >
TEST_LOW_THRES enum valueBlockMatching< T >
TypeSeuil enum nameBlockMatching< T >
~BlockMatching()BlockMatching< T >inlinevirtual