A.I.M.S algorithms

aims::CoupledDiffusion2DSmoother< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for aims::CoupledDiffusion2DSmoother< T >, including all inherited members.

CoupledDiffusion2DSmoother(float delta_t, float alpha=1.0f, float beta=1.0f, float gamma=1.0f)aims::CoupledDiffusion2DSmoother< T >inline
doSmoothing(const std::pair< AimsData< T >, AimsData< T > > &ima, const std::pair< AimsData< T >, AimsData< T > > &constraint, int maxiter, bool verbose=false)aims::CoupledDiffusion2DSmoother< T >virtual
dt()aims::CoupledDiffusion2DSmoother< T >inlinevirtual
optimal()aims::CoupledDiffusion2DSmoother< T >inlinevirtual
SetDt(float Delta_t)aims::CoupledDiffusion2DSmoother< T >inline