A.I.M.S algorithms

aims::DiscriminantAnalysis< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for aims::DiscriminantAnalysis< T >, including all inherited members.

affectedTo(const AimsData< double > &x)aims::DiscriminantAnalysis< T >
andersonScores(const AimsData< double > &x)aims::DiscriminantAnalysis< T >
classification(const AimsData< T > &dynamicImage, const AimsData< byte > &mask, AimsData< short > &segmented)aims::DiscriminantAnalysis< T >
DiscriminantAnalysis(const AimsData< T > &data, const std::vector< std::list< Point3d > > &classes, int significantEV=-1, const std::vector< double > &PIj=std::vector< double >())aims::DiscriminantAnalysis< T >
fuzzyClassification(const AimsData< T > &dynamicImage, const AimsData< byte > &mask, AimsData< float > &fuzzySegmented, const AimsData< double > &indivPriorProbabilities=AimsData< double >())aims::DiscriminantAnalysis< T >
posteriorProbabilities(const AimsData< double > &x, double px)aims::DiscriminantAnalysis< T >
~DiscriminantAnalysis()aims::DiscriminantAnalysis< T >inline