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aims::DiscriminantAnalysisElement Class Reference

#include <aims/math/discriminantanalysis.h>

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Public Member Functions

 DiscriminantAnalysisElement (int significantEV=-1, double PIj=1.)
 ~DiscriminantAnalysisElement ()
template<class T >
void doIt (const AimsData< T > &individuals)
template<class T >
void doIt (const std::list< Point3d > &selectedPoints, const AimsData< T > &data)
void setPIj (double PIj)
double posteriorProbability (const AimsData< double > &individual, double pX) const
double lnPosteriorProbability (const AimsData< double > &individual) const
double distance (const AimsData< double > &x) const
const AimsData< double > & mean () const
bool computed () const

Protected Attributes

int _significantEV
bool _computed
double _dataScaleFactor
double _probaScaleFactor
double _PIj
AimsFastAllocationData< double > _mean
AimsFastAllocationData< double > _invVarCov
double _detVarCov
double _normFactor
double _lnAddFactor
std::vector< Point3d_indivPosition

Detailed Description

Definition at line 45 of file discriminantanalysis.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

aims::DiscriminantAnalysisElement::DiscriminantAnalysisElement ( int  significantEV = -1,
double  PIj = 1. 

Definition at line 46 of file discriminantanalysis_d.h.

aims::DiscriminantAnalysisElement::~DiscriminantAnalysisElement ( )

Definition at line 49 of file discriminantanalysis.h.

Member Function Documentation

bool aims::DiscriminantAnalysisElement::computed ( ) const

Definition at line 75 of file discriminantanalysis.h.

References _computed.

double aims::DiscriminantAnalysisElement::distance ( const AimsData< double > &  x) const
template<typename T >
void aims::DiscriminantAnalysisElement::doIt ( const AimsData< T > &  individuals)
template<typename T >
void aims::DiscriminantAnalysisElement::doIt ( const std::list< Point3d > &  selectedPoints,
const AimsData< T > &  data 
double aims::DiscriminantAnalysisElement::lnPosteriorProbability ( const AimsData< double > &  individual) const
const AimsData< double > & aims::DiscriminantAnalysisElement::mean ( ) const

Definition at line 286 of file discriminantanalysis_d.h.

References _computed, and _mean.

Referenced by doIt().

double aims::DiscriminantAnalysisElement::posteriorProbability ( const AimsData< double > &  individual,
double  pX 
) const
void aims::DiscriminantAnalysisElement::setPIj ( double  PIj)

Definition at line 59 of file discriminantanalysis.h.

References _computed, _detVarCov, _lnAddFactor, and _PIj.

Member Data Documentation

bool aims::DiscriminantAnalysisElement::_computed
double aims::DiscriminantAnalysisElement::_dataScaleFactor

Definition at line 80 of file discriminantanalysis.h.

double aims::DiscriminantAnalysisElement::_detVarCov

Definition at line 88 of file discriminantanalysis.h.

Referenced by doIt(), and setPIj().

std::vector<Point3d> aims::DiscriminantAnalysisElement::_indivPosition

Definition at line 93 of file discriminantanalysis.h.

Referenced by doIt().

AimsFastAllocationData<double> aims::DiscriminantAnalysisElement::_invVarCov
double aims::DiscriminantAnalysisElement::_lnAddFactor

Definition at line 90 of file discriminantanalysis.h.

Referenced by doIt(), lnPosteriorProbability(), and setPIj().

AimsFastAllocationData<double> aims::DiscriminantAnalysisElement::_mean
double aims::DiscriminantAnalysisElement::_normFactor

Definition at line 89 of file discriminantanalysis.h.

Referenced by doIt(), and posteriorProbability().

double aims::DiscriminantAnalysisElement::_PIj

Definition at line 82 of file discriminantanalysis.h.

Referenced by doIt(), and setPIj().

double aims::DiscriminantAnalysisElement::_probaScaleFactor

Definition at line 81 of file discriminantanalysis.h.

int aims::DiscriminantAnalysisElement::_significantEV

Definition at line 78 of file discriminantanalysis.h.

Referenced by doIt().

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