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aims::HarmonicCageMeshResampler Class Reference

#include <aims/resampling/harmonicCageResampler.h>

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Public Member Functions

 HarmonicCageMeshResampler (const AimsSurfaceTriangle &cage, float spacing)
 HarmonicCageMeshResampler (const AimsData< unsigned int > &cage, std::vector< Point3df > &controls, short background=0, short border=1, short inside=2)
 ~HarmonicCageMeshResampler ()
const Point3dfgetControl (int ind) const
const AimsData< float > & get_image_coords (int ind) const
void set_keep_image_coords (bool state)
void moveControl (int ind, const Point3df &p)
Point3df coordinate (const Point3df &p) const
 from native coordinate to resample coordinates (point version) More...
AimsSurfaceTrianglecoordinates (const AimsSurfaceTriangle &mesh) const
 from native coordinate to resample coordinates (mesh version) More...
void computeCoordinates (float threshold=10e-4)

Protected Attributes

AimsData< unsigned int > _cage
std::vector< Point3df_controls
short _background
short _border
short _inside
bool _keep_image_coords
std::vector< AimsData< float > > _image_coords
std::map< Point3df, std::map
< int, float >
, Point3dfCompare

Detailed Description

Definition at line 45 of file harmonicCageResampler.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

aims::HarmonicCageMeshResampler::HarmonicCageMeshResampler ( const AimsSurfaceTriangle cage,
float  spacing 
aims::HarmonicCageMeshResampler::HarmonicCageMeshResampler ( const AimsData< unsigned int > &  cage,
std::vector< Point3df > &  controls,
short  background = 0,
short  border = 1,
short  inside = 2 
aims::HarmonicCageMeshResampler::~HarmonicCageMeshResampler ( )

Definition at line 53 of file harmonicCageResampler.h.

Member Function Documentation

void aims::HarmonicCageMeshResampler::computeCoordinates ( float  threshold = 10e-4)
Point3df aims::HarmonicCageMeshResampler::coordinate ( const Point3df p) const

from native coordinate to resample coordinates (point version)

Definition at line 82 of file harmonicCageResampler.h.

References _controls, and _weights.

AimsSurfaceTriangle* aims::HarmonicCageMeshResampler::coordinates ( const AimsSurfaceTriangle mesh) const

from native coordinate to resample coordinates (mesh version)

const AimsData< float > & aims::HarmonicCageMeshResampler::get_image_coords ( int  ind) const

Definition at line 100 of file harmonicCageResampler.h.

References _image_coords.

const Point3df& aims::HarmonicCageMeshResampler::getControl ( int  ind) const
void aims::HarmonicCageMeshResampler::moveControl ( int  ind,
const Point3df p 
void aims::HarmonicCageMeshResampler::set_keep_image_coords ( bool  state)

Definition at line 58 of file harmonicCageResampler.h.

References _keep_image_coords.

Member Data Documentation

short aims::HarmonicCageMeshResampler::_background

Definition at line 72 of file harmonicCageResampler.h.

short aims::HarmonicCageMeshResampler::_border

Definition at line 73 of file harmonicCageResampler.h.

AimsData<unsigned int> aims::HarmonicCageMeshResampler::_cage

Definition at line 70 of file harmonicCageResampler.h.

std::vector<Point3df> aims::HarmonicCageMeshResampler::_controls

Definition at line 71 of file harmonicCageResampler.h.

Referenced by coordinate().

std::vector<AimsData<float> > aims::HarmonicCageMeshResampler::_image_coords

Definition at line 76 of file harmonicCageResampler.h.

Referenced by get_image_coords().

short aims::HarmonicCageMeshResampler::_inside

Definition at line 74 of file harmonicCageResampler.h.

bool aims::HarmonicCageMeshResampler::_keep_image_coords

Definition at line 75 of file harmonicCageResampler.h.

Referenced by set_keep_image_coords().

std::map<Point3df, std::map<int, float>, Point3dfCompare > aims::HarmonicCageMeshResampler::_weights

Definition at line 77 of file harmonicCageResampler.h.

Referenced by coordinate().

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