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aims::RigidTransformEstimation Class Reference

#include <aims/transform/rigidestimation.h>

Public Member Functions

 RigidTransformEstimation ()
 RigidTransformEstimation (std::vector< Point3df > from, std::vector< Point3df > to, bool looseCondition=true)
 ~RigidTransformEstimation ()
void setAppariatedPoints (std::vector< Point3df > from, std::vector< Point3df > to)
void setLooseCondition (bool looseCondition)
bool motion (AffineTransformation3d &)
void rotationEstimation (const Point3df &u1, const Point3df &u2, const Point3df &n1, const Point3df &n2, Point3df &axis, float &ang)

Static Public Member Functions

static Point3df cross (const Point3df &u, const Point3df &v)
static AimsData< float > criterionItem (const Point3df &p1, const Point3df &p2, const Point3df &gc1, const Point3df &gc2, float weight)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 46 of file rigidestimation.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

aims::RigidTransformEstimation::RigidTransformEstimation ( )
aims::RigidTransformEstimation::RigidTransformEstimation ( std::vector< Point3df from,
std::vector< Point3df to,
bool  looseCondition = true 
aims::RigidTransformEstimation::~RigidTransformEstimation ( )

Member Function Documentation

static AimsData<float> aims::RigidTransformEstimation::criterionItem ( const Point3df p1,
const Point3df p2,
const Point3df gc1,
const Point3df gc2,
float  weight 
static Point3df aims::RigidTransformEstimation::cross ( const Point3df u,
const Point3df v 
bool aims::RigidTransformEstimation::motion ( AffineTransformation3d )
void aims::RigidTransformEstimation::rotationEstimation ( const Point3df u1,
const Point3df u2,
const Point3df n1,
const Point3df n2,
Point3df axis,
float &  ang 
void aims::RigidTransformEstimation::setAppariatedPoints ( std::vector< Point3df from,
std::vector< Point3df to 
void aims::RigidTransformEstimation::setLooseCondition ( bool  looseCondition)

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