A.I.M.S algorithms

aims::ScaleSpace< Geom, Text > Member List

This is the complete list of members for aims::ScaleSpace< Geom, Text >, including all inherited members.

_smootheraims::ScaleSpace< Geom, Text >protected
adaptiveScaleSpace(Graph &psketch, const AimsSurfaceTriangle &mesh, const AimsSurfaceTriangle &infl_mesh, const Texture1d &inittex, std::map< float, Texture< int > > &tex_blobs, std::map< float, Texture< float > > &tex_curv, int index, float tbegin, float tend, float dt, float dts, float dtmin, const float HMAX, bool logFlag, const std::map< unsigned, std::set< std::pair< unsigned, float > > > &weightLapl)aims::ScaleSpace< Geom, Text >
AddScale(float t)aims::ScaleSpace< Geom, Text >
BlobSaddleType enum nameaims::ScaleSpace< Geom, Text >
blobToGraph(Graph &g, const Texture< int > &blobs, const AimsSurfaceTriangle &mesh, const AimsSurfaceTriangle &infl_mesh, const Texture< float > &values, float scale, std::map< int, BlobDescriptor > &limits, int startindex)aims::ScaleSpace< Geom, Text >
Bottom enum valueaims::ScaleSpace< Geom, Text >
cleanGraphScale(Graph &g, float scale)aims::ScaleSpace< Geom, Text >
createSubMeshes(Graph &g, const AimsSurface< 3, Void > &mesh, float depl=0, float depl0=0, MeshShape ms=Surface, MeshGrowingMode gm=Scale, bool compressedMeshes=true)aims::ScaleSpace< Geom, Text >
dt()aims::ScaleSpace< Geom, Text >inlineprotectedvirtual
GenerateDefaultScaleSpace(float tmax)aims::ScaleSpace< Geom, Text >inline
get_timediff(float t1, float t2)aims::BaseScaleSpaceinlineprotected
GetOriginalImage()aims::ScaleSpace< Geom, Text >inline
getRepresentativeBlobMesh(float scale0, const std::set< Vertex * > &SSB)aims::ScaleSpace< Geom, Text >
getRepresentativeScale(const std::set< Vertex * > &SSB)aims::ScaleSpace< Geom, Text >
GetScaleImage(float t)aims::ScaleSpace< Geom, Text >inline
GetScaleLevels()aims::ScaleSpace< Geom, Text >inline
GetScaleList()aims::ScaleSpace< Geom, Text >
GLBEdgeToSSBEdge(Graph &glevel, Graph &psketch, const std::map< Vertex *, unsigned > &labels, const std::map< unsigned, Vertex * > &nodes)aims::ScaleSpace< Geom, Text >
GLBVertexToSSBVertex(Graph &psketch, const std::multimap< float, unsigned > &ordering, const std::map< unsigned, Vertex * > &nodes, const std::map< unsigned, std::set< Vertex * > > &scblobs)aims::ScaleSpace< Geom, Text >
grayLevel2PrimalSketch(Graph &glevel, Graph &psketch)aims::ScaleSpace< Geom, Text >
Junction enum valueaims::ScaleSpace< Geom, Text >
MergeCode enum nameaims::ScaleSpace< Geom, Text >
mergeGraphs(Graph &g, Graph &h)aims::ScaleSpace< Geom, Text >
meshBlobExtract(const AimsSurface< 3, Void > &mesh, const Texture< float > &inittex, std::map< int, BlobDescriptor > &limits)aims::ScaleSpace< Geom, Text >
MeshGrowingMode enum nameaims::ScaleSpace< Geom, Text >
MeshShape enum nameaims::ScaleSpace< Geom, Text >
OK enum valueaims::ScaleSpace< Geom, Text >
PbBoth enum valueaims::ScaleSpace< Geom, Text >
PbDown enum valueaims::ScaleSpace< Geom, Text >
PbUp enum valueaims::ScaleSpace< Geom, Text >
PushNormal enum valueaims::ScaleSpace< Geom, Text >
PutSmoother(Smoother< Geom, Text > *blur)aims::ScaleSpace< Geom, Text >inline
RemoveScale(float t)aims::ScaleSpace< Geom, Text >
Scale enum valueaims::ScaleSpace< Geom, Text >
Scale(float t)aims::ScaleSpace< Geom, Text >inline
scalesaims::ScaleSpace< Geom, Text >protected
ScaleSpace()aims::ScaleSpace< Geom, Text >inline
setGraphLabelAndName(const std::multimap< float, unsigned > &ordering, const std::map< unsigned, Vertex * > &nodes, const std::map< unsigned, std::set< Vertex * > > &scblobs)aims::ScaleSpace< Geom, Text >
sortGLB(std::string key, const std::map< unsigned, Vertex * > &nodes, const std::map< unsigned, std::set< Vertex * > > &scblobs)aims::ScaleSpace< Geom, Text >
Surface enum valueaims::ScaleSpace< Geom, Text >
surface2Tore(const AimsSurfaceTriangle &)aims::ScaleSpace< Geom, Text >
Tore enum valueaims::ScaleSpace< Geom, Text >
Translate enum valueaims::ScaleSpace< Geom, Text >
WriteScale(float t, std::string name)aims::ScaleSpace< Geom, Text >
WriteScaleSpace(std::string name)aims::ScaleSpace< Geom, Text >
~ScaleSpace()aims::ScaleSpace< Geom, Text >inlinevirtual