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aimsalgo::Polynomial< T, D > Member List

This is the complete list of members for aimsalgo::Polynomial< T, D >, including all inherited members.

contains(AimsVector< T, D > &vector)aimsalgo::Polynomial< T, D >virtual
displayEquation()aimsalgo::Polynomial< T, D >virtual
getCoefficients()aimsalgo::Polynomial< T, D >virtual
getDimensionOrders(unsigned index)aimsalgo::Polynomial< T, D >virtual
getOrderStep()aimsalgo::Polynomial< T, D >virtual
getValue(AimsVector< T, D > &vector, AimsVector< T, D > &dimensionOrders, T coefficient)aimsalgo::Polynomial< T, D >virtual
Polynomial(std::vector< T > *coefficients, T orderStep=1)aimsalgo::Polynomial< T, D >
resetDimensionOrders()aimsalgo::Polynomial< T, D >virtual
resolve(AimsVector< T, D > &vector)aimsalgo::Polynomial< T, D >virtual
Samplable()aimsalgo::Samplable< T, D >inlineprivate
setCoefficients(std::vector< T > *coefficients)aimsalgo::Polynomial< T, D >virtual
setOrderStep(T orderStep)aimsalgo::Polynomial< T, D >virtual
~Polynomial()aimsalgo::Polynomial< T, D >virtual
~Samplable()aimsalgo::Samplable< T, D >inlineprivatevirtual