A.I.M.S algorithms

distspheric.h File Reference
#include <aims/config/aimsalgopub_config.h>
#include <vector>
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class  AimsVector< T, D >
class  AimsData< T >


Continous distribution

Returns a unit vector closed to another one in a solid angle.

vecaxis of the cone where to get another vector
theta_maxaperture of the cone
AimsVector< float, 3 > AimsPointInSolidAngle (const AimsVector< float, 3 > &vec, float theta_max)
Discrete distribution.

Returns a vector of uniformly distributed points on a unit sphere.

The construction of that distribution starts from an icosahedron (20 facets, 12 points) and iterates a subdivision of each triangle into 4 sub-triangles.

minpointminimum number of points in the distribution (12 at least)
< AimsVector< float, 3 > * > 
AimsIcosahedronDiscreteSphericDistribution (int minpoint)

Function Documentation

AIMSALGOPUB_API std::vector<AimsVector<float,3>* > AimsIcosahedronDiscreteSphericDistribution ( int  minpoint)
AimsVector<float,3> AimsPointInSolidAngle ( const AimsVector< float, 3 > &  vec,
float  theta_max