A.I.M.S algorithms

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This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 CAimsConvolution< T >The template class to make convolutions
 CAimsEigen< T >
 CAimsFIRFilterThe class of Finite Impulse Response filters
 CAimsGradient< C >The template class for estimating gradients
 CAimsMLPLayerThe class to manage MLP layers of neurons
 CAimsMLPNeuronThe class that describes MLP neuron
 CAimsMultilayerPerceptronThe class for a complete MultiLayer Perceptron
 CAimsSelfOrganizingMapThe class for Kohonen's self organizing maps
 CAimsSVD< T >
 CAimsThreshold< T, U > [external]
 CAimsVFilter< T >The template class to perform a V-filter
 CBackBalancing< T >
 CBalancing< T >
 CBaseHarrisDetector< T >Harris Corner Detector
 CBaseTree [external]
 Caims::Bifurcation< T >
 Caims::Bifurcation< Site >
 Caims::ScaleSpace< Geom, Text >::BlobDescriptor
 Caims::BucketBlobExtractor< T >::BlobsMerger
 Caims::BucketBlobExtractor< T >::BlobStruct
 CBlockMatching< T >
 Caims::BSplineB-Spline function centered on 0, evaluated at run time
 Caims::BSplineOrder< Order >1D B-Spline functions centered on 0, recursively evaluated at run time
 Caims::BSplineOrder< 0 >Specialization for 0 order B-Spline
 Caims::BucketBlobExtractor< T >Blobs and watershed
 CBucketSampler< T >
 Caims::ClassifStrategy< T >
 Caims::CoupledSmoother< Geom, Text >
 Caims::CoupledSmoother< AimsData< T >, AimsData< T > >
 CCovarianceStorage< T >
 CDecompositionTQLI< T >
 Ccarto::DefaultRefConstruction [external]
 Caims::DiscriminantAnalysis< T >
 CDisplacementField< T >
 Caims::Distance< T >
 Caims::ElementFilteringFunctionFactory< T >Associates a string with a ElementFilteringFunction
 CEqualizer< T >Classical histogram container class
 CExponentialDeviates< T >Exponential random numbers
 Caims::ExtractGreyLevelBlobs< Geom, Text >
 Caims::FastMarching< T >Fast marching algorithm implementation, for images or buckets
 Cbio::FfdResampler< T >Resampling image using Free Form Deformation transformations
 Caims::FilteringFunctionInterface< T >Pure virtual class: interface for filtering functions called by aims::FilteringImageAlgorithm and aims::SubSamplingImageAlgorithm
 Caims::FilteringImageAlgorithmInterface< T >
 Caims::FoldGraphAttributesCreation of cortical folds graph attributes
 CGaussian2DSmoothing< T >
 CGaussian3DSmoothing< T >
 CGaussianGradient< T >
 CGaussianHessian< T >
 CGaussianJacobian< T >
 CGaussJordan< T >
 Caimsalgo::GeneralSampler< T, D >
 Caims::GenericWriter [external]
 Caims::GradientAdvectionPropagate labels along a vector field
 Caims::GreyLevelBlob< T >
 Caims::GreyLevelBlob< Site >
 Caims::GreyLevelBlobTools< T >
 CHarrisDetector< T, D >
 CHessenbergAccumulation< T >
 CHessenbergQR< T >
 CHessenbergReduction< T >
 CHistogram< T >Base class of histogram container class
 CHouseholderTridiag< T >
 Caims::ImageAlgorithmInterface< T >Aims::ImageAlgorithmInterface is the interface for an image processing algorithm
 Caims::ImageAlgorithmSwitch< T, M >Aims::ImageAlgorithmSwitch switches between multichannel and monochannel ImageAlgorithmInterface
 Caims::ImageAlgorithmSwitch< T, false >Aims::ImageAlgorithmSwitch switch specialization for mono-channel ImageAlgorithmInterface
 Caims::ImageAlgorithmSwitch< T, true >Aims::ImageAlgorithmSwitch switch specialization for multi-channel ImageAlgorithmInterface
 Caims::Individuals< T >
 Caims::IterativeClassification< T >
 CLevenbergMarquardt< T >
 Caims::LinearFilteringFunctionFactory< T >
 CLMFunction< T >
 CLMFunction< float >
 Caims::ltstr_p3d< T >
 Caims::ltstr_p3d< Point3d >
 Caims::ltstr_p3d< std::pair< Point3df, uint > >
 CMajoritySmoothing< T >
 Caims::MaximumPoint< T >
 Caims::MaximumPoint< Site >
 CMaxSmoothing< T >
 CMeanSmoothing< T >
 CMedianSmoothing< T >
 Cgeodesic::MemoryAllocator< T >
 Cgeodesic::MemoryAllocator< geodesic::Interval >
 Caims::MeshInterpolerTriangular mesh and texture interpolation
 Caims::MeshToVoxelsResampler< O >3D rasterization (voxelization) of a mesh O : AimsData<unsigned int> or BucketMap<Void>
 CMEstimator< D >
 CMinSmoothing< T >
 Caims::MixtureOfPPCA< T >
 CMoment< T >
 CMoment< int16_t >
 CMomentFactory< T >
 CMomentInvariant< T >
 CMomentStrategy< T >
 Caims::MorphoGreyLevel< T >Grey-level mathematical morphology
 CMpiDataTypeCode< T >This class is just a hint to convert an actual mpi data type to an identifier string used in input/output stuff
 CNormalDeviates< T >Normal random numbers
 CObjectiveFunc< T, D >
 COptimizer< T, D >
 COptimizerProbe< T, D >
 Caims::PerfusionAifMatrixClass PerfusionAifMatrix
 Caims::PerfusionSmoothingFactory< T >
 Caims::PerfusionSmoothingStrategy< T >
 Caims::PerfusionSplitVolume< T >Perfusion class
 Caims::PrimalSketch< Geom, Text >
 Caims::Primalsketch2graph< Geom, Text >
 Caims::ProbabilisticPca< T >
 CPyramid< T >
 CPyramidFunc< T >
 Caims::Reader< AimsData< Point3df > > [external]
 CResampler< T >Resampler resamples an input data to build or fill an output data, using an affine transformation
 CResampler< C >
 CResampler< float >
 Caims::ResamplerFactory< T >
 Caims::RoiGtmWriterClass for AimsRoiGtm writing operation
 Caims::SaddlePoint< T >
 Caims::SaddlePoint< Site >
 Caimsalgo::Samplable< T, D >
 Caimsalgo::Samplable< float, 3 >
 CSampler< T >
 Caims::ScaleLevel< Geom, Text >
 Caims::ScaleLevel< AimsData< T >, AimsData< T > >
 Caims::ScaleLevel< AimsSurface< D, Void >, Texture< T > >
 Caims::ScaleSpaceBlob< T >
 Caims::ScaleSpaceBlob< Site >
 Cgeodesic::SimlpeMemoryAllocator< T >
 Cgeodesic::SimlpeMemoryAllocator< void_pointer >
 Cgeodesic::SimpleVector< Data >
 Cgeodesic::SimpleVector< edge_pointer >
 Cgeodesic::SimpleVector< face_pointer >
 Cgeodesic::SimpleVector< vertex_pointer >
 Caims::Smoother< Geom, Text >
 Caims::Smoother< AimsData< T >, AimsData< T > >
 Caims::Smoother< AimsSurface< D, Void >, Texture< T > >
 CSobelGradient< T, D >Sobel gradient
 CSobelGradient< T, 2 >Sobel gradient 2D specialization
 Caims::BucketBlobExtractor< T >::StopCriterion
 Caims::internal::fastmarching::StorageTrait< T >
 Caims::internal::fastmarching::StorageTrait< BucketMap< T > >
 Caims::internal::fastmarching::StorageTrait< carto::Volume< T > >
 Ccarto::SyntaxedObject< class > [external]
 Caims::TabulBSplinePre-computed B-Spline values In the "order 0" case, the array is not used (the analytical expression is too simple)
 CTalairachVolume< T >
 CTopologicalClassifier< T >
 CTopologicalClassifier< aims::BucketMap< T > >
 CTopologicalClassifier< AimsData< T > >
 CUniformDeviates< T >
 Cstd::vector< T >STL class