A.I.M.S algorithms

inflate.h File Reference
#include <aims/mesh/surface.h>
#include <aims/mesh/texture.h>
#include <set>
#include <map>
#include <vector>
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float ponderation_force (float alpha, int it, float bound)
AimsSurfaceTriangleAimsInflateMesh (int t, const AimsSurfaceTriangle &surf, float Knorm, float Kspring, float Ksmooth, float bound, std::set< int > timeSet)
void AimsInflationStep (const AimsSurfaceTriangle &surf1, AimsSurfaceTriangle &surf2, const std::vector< std::set< uint > > &neigh, const std::vector< std::map< uint, float > > &dist, int niter, float F_Norm, float F_Ress, float F_Smot, float bound)

Function Documentation

AimsSurfaceTriangle* AimsInflateMesh ( int  t,
const AimsSurfaceTriangle surf,
float  Knorm,
float  Kspring,
float  Ksmooth,
float  bound,
std::set< int >  timeSet 
void AimsInflationStep ( const AimsSurfaceTriangle surf1,
AimsSurfaceTriangle surf2,
const std::vector< std::set< uint > > &  neigh,
const std::vector< std::map< uint, float > > &  dist,
int  niter,
float  F_Norm,
float  F_Ress,
float  F_Smot,
float  bound 
float ponderation_force ( float  alpha,
int  it,
float  bound