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class  AimsData< T >


Multilinear least square data fit

The model of the fit is : \ \yi = a0 + [b0 b1 ......

bM-1].[xi(0) xi(1) ...... xi(M-1)]\ \Given an X matrix containing x vector samples on lines, and given the Y vector containing the result of the model for each sample, the function returns the vector of coefficients [b0 b1 ....... bM-1].

AIMSALGOPUB_API AimsData< float > AimsMultilinearLeastSquareFit (const AimsData< float > &X, const AimsData< float > &Y)

Function Documentation

AIMSALGOPUB_API AimsData<float> AimsMultilinearLeastSquareFit ( const AimsData< float > &  X,
const AimsData< float > &  Y