AimsThreshold< T, U > Member List

This is the complete list of members for AimsThreshold< T, U >, including all inherited members.

_backgdAimsThreshold< T, U >protected
_foregdAimsThreshold< T, U >protected
_levelAimsThreshold< T, U >protected
_level2AimsThreshold< T, U >protected
_typeAimsThreshold< T, U >protected
AimsThreshold(threshold_t type, T level, T level2=0, T backgd=0, U foregd=(U)(!std::numeric_limits< U >::is_specialized||(std::numeric_limits< U >::max() >=32767)?32767:std::numeric_limits< U >::max()))AimsThreshold< T, U >inline
bin(const AimsData< T > &sqv)AimsThreshold< T, U >inline
clip(const AimsData< T > &sqv)AimsThreshold< T, U >inline
operator()(const AimsData< T > &sqv)AimsThreshold< T, U >inline
~AimsThreshold()AimsThreshold< T, U >inlinevirtual