aims::EcatSinoHeader Class Reference

The descriptor class of the Ecat header. More...

#include <aims/io/ecatSinoheader.h>

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Public Types

- Public Types inherited from carto::GenericObject
typedef int RefCounterType

Public Member Functions

 EcatSinoHeader (const std::string &name)
 EcatSinoHeader (int type, const std::string &name)
virtual ~EcatSinoHeader ()
int itemType () const
 Get type of items (ECAT_QUANT or ECAT_LABEL) More...
std::string name () const
 Get the file name of the header. More...
virtual std::string extension () const
 standard file format extension of specialized headers More...
virtual std::set< std::string > extensions () const
 possible filename extensions for specialized formats More...
void read ()
 Read the header. More...
void write () const
void setHeader (const std::vector< PythonHeader > &subHeaders)
PythonHeader getSingleBedDataFrame (int bedDataOrFrame) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from aims::PythonHeader
 PythonHeader ()
 PythonHeader (const internal::PythonHeaderType &)
 PythonHeader (const PythonHeader &)
 PythonHeader (carto::Headered &)
 initialization by reference More...
virtual ~PythonHeader ()
virtual PythonHeaderoperator= (const PythonHeader &)
virtual const char * id () const
virtual bool readMinf (const std::string &filename)
 read meta-info header More...
virtual bool writeMinf (const std::string &filename)
 write meta-info header, non-const version (may change some attributes) More...
virtual bool writeMinf (const std::string &filename) const
 write meta-info header More...
virtual HeadercloneHeader (bool keepUuid=false) const
virtual void copy (const PythonHeader &, bool keepUuid=false)
virtual bool isScalar () const
virtual bool isString () const
virtual bool isArray () const
virtual bool isDynArray () const
virtual bool isIterator () const
virtual bool isDictionaryIterator () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from carto::PointerObject< class >
 PointerObject (T &x, bool owner)
virtual ~PointerObject ()
virtual T & getValue ()
virtual Object clone () const
 TypedObject ()
virtual ~TypedObject ()
const T & getValue () const
virtual void setValue (Object val)
virtual std::string type () const
virtual double getScalar () const
virtual void setScalar (double)
virtual std::string getString () const
virtual void setString (const std::string &)
virtual Object getArrayItem (int index) const
virtual void setArrayItem (int, Object)
virtual size_t size () const
virtual void reserveArray (size_t)
virtual void resizeArray (size_t)
virtual void removeArrayItem (int)
virtual void insertArrayItem (int, Object)
virtual bool getProperty (const std::string &, Object &) const
virtual bool isDictionary () const
virtual void setProperty (const std::string &, Object)
virtual bool removeProperty (const std::string &)
virtual bool hasProperty (const std::string &) const
virtual void clearProperties ()
virtual bool isIterable () const
virtual Object objectIterator () const
virtual bool isValid () const
virtual Object currentValue () const
virtual void next ()
virtual std::string key () const
virtual bool isNone () const
virtual bool operator== (const GenericObject &other) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from carto::GenericObject
virtual ~GenericObject ()
const T & value () const
T & value ()
bool value (T &) const
void setValue (const T &val)
T * getInterface ()
const T * getInterface () const
virtual bool operator!= (const GenericObject &other) const
 RCObject ()
 RCObject (const RCObject &)
RCObjectoperator= (const RCObject &)
virtual ~StringInterface ()
virtual bool operator== (const StringInterface &other) const
virtual bool operator!= (const StringInterface &other) const
virtual ~ScalarInterface ()
virtual bool operator== (const ScalarInterface &other) const
virtual bool operator!= (const ScalarInterface &other) const
virtual ~NoneInterface ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from carto::DynArrayInterface
virtual ~DynArrayInterface ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from carto::ArrayInterface
virtual ~ArrayInterface ()
virtual ~SizeInterface ()
virtual ~Interface ()
virtual ~IterableInterface ()
virtual bool operator== (const IterableInterface &other) const
virtual bool operator!= (const IterableInterface &other) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from carto::DictionaryInterface
virtual ~DictionaryInterface ()
Object getProperty (const std::string &) const
Object getProperty (Object key) const
bool getProperty (const std::string &key, T &value) const
void setProperty (const std::string &, const char *)
void setProperty (const std::string &, const T &)
virtual void copyProperties (Object source)
virtual bool operator== (const DictionaryInterface &other) const
virtual bool operator!= (const DictionaryInterface &other) const
void setProperty (const std::string &key, Object const &value)
bool getProperty (const std::string &key, Object &value) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from carto::DictionaryIteratorInterface
virtual ~DictionaryIteratorInterface ()
virtual ~IteratorInterface ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from aims::Header
virtual ~Header ()=0
virtual std::string extension (const std::string &filename) const
 extension of given filename (including '.') More...
virtual std::string removeExtension (const std::string &) const

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from aims::PythonHeader
static carto::SyntaxSetsyntax ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from carto::GenericObject
virtual Interface_getGenericInterface ()=0
virtual const void * _getAddressOfValue () const =0

Detailed Description

The descriptor class of the Ecat header.

The programmer can only read an existing header. It cannot write a new one. Ecat data are signed 16 bits 4D objects.

Definition at line 54 of file ecatSinoheader.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation


Definition at line 57 of file ecatSinoheader.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

aims::EcatSinoHeader::EcatSinoHeader ( const std::string &  name)
aims::EcatSinoHeader::EcatSinoHeader ( int  type,
const std::string &  name 
virtual aims::EcatSinoHeader::~EcatSinoHeader ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual std::string aims::EcatSinoHeader::extension ( ) const

standard file format extension of specialized headers

Reimplemented from aims::Header.

Definition at line 73 of file ecatSinoheader.h.

virtual std::set<std::string> aims::EcatSinoHeader::extensions ( ) const

possible filename extensions for specialized formats

Reimplemented from aims::Header.

PythonHeader aims::EcatSinoHeader::getSingleBedDataFrame ( int  bedDataOrFrame) const
int aims::EcatSinoHeader::itemType ( ) const

Get type of items (ECAT_QUANT or ECAT_LABEL)

Definition at line 68 of file ecatSinoheader.h.

std::string aims::EcatSinoHeader::name ( ) const

Get the file name of the header.

Definition at line 71 of file ecatSinoheader.h.

void aims::EcatSinoHeader::read ( )

Read the header.

void aims::EcatSinoHeader::setHeader ( const std::vector< PythonHeader > &  subHeaders)
void aims::EcatSinoHeader::write ( ) const

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