aims::FileFormat< T > Class Template Referenceabstract

Low-level object IO format: each specific format has such a reader / writer. More...

#include <aims/io/fileFormat.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~FileFormat ()
virtual bool read (const std::string &filename, T &obj, const carto::AllocatorContext &context, carto::Object options)=0
virtual T * read (const std::string &filename, const carto::AllocatorContext &context, carto::Object options)
 Creates an object and reads it. More...
virtual bool write (const std::string &, const T &, carto::Object options=carto::none())
 the base class has a default implementation which only returns false so if your new format only supports read operations, you won't have to bother about the write() function More...
carto::GenericObjectread (const std::string &, const carto::AllocatorContext &, carto::Object)

Detailed Description

template<class T>
class aims::FileFormat< T >

Low-level object IO format: each specific format has such a reader / writer.

Definition at line 61 of file fileFormat.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<typename T >
aims::FileFormat< T >::~FileFormat ( )

Definition at line 45 of file fileFormat_d.h.

Member Function Documentation

carto::GenericObject * aims::FileFormat< carto::GenericObject >::read ( const std::string &  ,
const carto::AllocatorContext &  ,

Definition at line 46 of file baseFormats_genericobject.h.

template<typename T>
T * aims::FileFormat< T >::read ( const std::string &  filename,
const carto::AllocatorContext &  context,
carto::Object  options 

Creates an object and reads it.

The default implementation just calls the other read() function. The returned object may be deleted by the standard delete

Reimplemented in aims::SomaIOAimsDataFormat< T >, aims::VolumeRefFormat< T >, aims::GraphVolumeFormat, aims::MinfFormat< T >, aims::VolumeFormat< T >, aims::GraphBundlesFormat, and aims::ArgFormat.

Definition at line 51 of file fileFormat_d.h.

template<typename T>
bool aims::FileFormat< T >::write ( const std::string &  ,
const T &  ,
carto::Object  options = carto::none() 

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