aims::HierarchyReader Class Reference

#include <aims/io/hieR.h>

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Public Member Functions

 HierarchyReader (const std::string &name, const carto::SyntaxSet &stx=carto::SyntaxSet())
virtual ~HierarchyReader ()
void read (Hierarchy &thing)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TreeReader
 TreeReader (const std::string &filename, const carto::SyntaxSet &syntax, const carto::AttributedReader::HelperSet &helpers=carto::AttributedReader::HelperSet())
 TreeReader (const carto::SyntaxSet &syntax, const carto::AttributedReader::HelperSet &helpers=carto::AttributedReader::HelperSet())
 TreeReader (const TreeFactory &factory, const std::string &filename, const carto::SyntaxSet &syntax, const carto::AttributedReader::HelperSet &helpers=carto::AttributedReader::HelperSet())
 TreeReader (const TreeFactory &factory, const carto::SyntaxSet &syntax, const carto::AttributedReader::HelperSet &helpers=carto::AttributedReader::HelperSet())
virtual ~TreeReader ()
virtual Treeread ()
virtual void read (Tree &)
virtual void readTree (Tree *) __attribute__((__deprecated__("OBSOLETE
virtual void use read (Tree &) instead")))
void open (const std::string &filename) __attribute__((__deprecated__("use attach() instead")))
void close ()
void attach (std::istream &s, int line_num=1)
void attach (const std::string &filename)
void attach (carto::rc_ptr< carto::DataSource > ds)
void detach ()
virtual std::string name () const
const carto::rc_ptr
< carto::DataSource > 
dataSource () const
carto::rc_ptr< carto::DataSource > dataSource ()
std::list< carto::TreeParser * > & parsers ()
const carto::SyntaxSetsyntaxSet () const
void setSyntax (const carto::SyntaxSet &syntax)
virtual void visitAttributedObject (carto::AttributedObject *ao)
virtual void visitTree (Tree *tree)

Static Public Member Functions

static carto::SyntaxSetsyntaxSet ()


HierarchyReaderoperator>> (HierarchyReader &, Hierarchy &)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 53 of file hieR.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

aims::HierarchyReader::HierarchyReader ( const std::string &  name,
const carto::SyntaxSet stx = carto::SyntaxSet() 
virtual aims::HierarchyReader::~HierarchyReader ( )

Member Function Documentation

void aims::HierarchyReader::read ( Hierarchy thing)

Referenced by aims::operator>>().

static carto::SyntaxSet& aims::HierarchyReader::syntaxSet ( )

Friends And Related Function Documentation

HierarchyReader& operator>> ( HierarchyReader reader,
Hierarchy thing 

Definition at line 73 of file hieR.h.

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