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32  */
34 /*
35  * General definitions
36  */
41 #include <cartobase/type/types.h>
42 //#include <soma-io/allocator/allocator.h>
43 #include <aims/memmap/allocator.h>
45 namespace aims
46 {
47  std::string aimsVersion();
48 }
50 // ABCD in ASCII
51 #define AIMS_MAGIC_NUMBER 0x41424344
53 // Ignore __attribute__ on non-GCC compilers
54 #if !(defined(__GNUC__) || defined(__attribute__))
55 #define __attribute__(a) /* nothing */
56 #endif
65 {
70 };
77 {
83 };
89 AIMSDATA_API void AimsClear (void);
92 AIMSDATA_API void AimsPrintVersion (void);
94 AIMSDATA_API std::string AimsStringTypeOf(int type);
96 AIMSDATA_API int AimsNCompOf (int type);
98 AIMSDATA_API double AimsMinValOf (int type);
100 AIMSDATA_API double AimsMaxValOf (int type);
102 AIMSDATA_API bool AimsIsSignedType (int type);
104 AIMSDATA_API bool AimsIsComplexType(int type);
111 AIMSDATA_API void AimsScanNflush(char **str,char *strRef);
114 AIMSDATA_API void AimsError(const std::string& message) __attribute__((__noreturn__));
116 AIMSDATA_API void AimsWarning(const std::string& message);
125 AIMSDATA_API int AimsSpaceLevelOf (const std::string& filename);
127 AIMSDATA_API int AimsFileDimXOf (const std::string& filename);
129 AIMSDATA_API int AimsFileDimYOf (const std::string& filename);
131 AIMSDATA_API int AimsFileDimZOf (const std::string& filename);
133 AIMSDATA_API int AimsFileDimTOf (const std::string& filename);
135 AIMSDATA_API bool AimsIsComplexData (const std::string& filename);
137 AIMSDATA_API bool AimsIsPoint2dData (const std::string& filename);
139 AIMSDATA_API bool AimsIsPoint3dData (const std::string& filename);
143 #endif
145 // mode:C++
AIMSDATA_API int AimsFileDimZOf(const std::string &filename)
Return the Z dimension of a text file.
AIMSDATA_API int AimsSpaceLevelOf(const std::string &filename)
Return the dimemsion of the space data (1D, 2D, 3D or 4D)
The 5 basic types of data.
Definition: general.h:76
Mathematical formalism.
Definition: general.h:67
AIMSDATA_API int AimsFileDimXOf(const std::string &filename)
Return the X dimension of a text file.
AIMSDATA_API void AimsPrintVersion(void)
Print A.I.M.S. version.
AIMSDATA_API bool AimsIsPoint3dData(const std::string &filename)
Return true if the file contains 3D point data.
Display formalism.
Definition: general.h:64
AIMSDATA_API bool AimsIsPoint2dData(const std::string &filename)
Return true if the file contains 2D point data.
AIMSDATA_API std::string AimsStringTypeOf(int type)
Send a string containing AIMS_XXXX.
AIMSDATA_API bool AimsIsComplexType(int type)
Return True if AIMS_XXXX is complex.
AIMSDATA_API int AimsNCompOf(int type)
Return the number of components of AIMS_XXXX.
AIMSDATA_API int AimsFileDimYOf(const std::string &filename)
Return the Y dimension of a text file.
Image formalism.
Definition: general.h:69
AIMSDATA_API void AimsClear(void)
Clear the screen.
AIMSDATA_API double AimsMaxValOf(int type)
Return the maximum value of a AIMS_XXXX data.
AIMSDATA_API double AimsMinValOf(int type)
Return the minimum value of a AIMS_XXXX data.
AIMSDATA_API bool AimsIsScientificNumberChar(int c)
std::string aimsVersion()
AIMSDATA_API bool AimsIsSignedType(int type)
Return True if AIMS_XXXX is signed.
AIMSDATA_API void AimsWarning(const std::string &message)
Give a warning message on display.
AIMSDATA_API void AimsError(const std::string &message) __attribute__((__noreturn__))
Give an error message on display.
#define __attribute__(a)
AIMSDATA_API bool AimsIsComplexData(const std::string &filename)
Return true if the file contains complex data.
AIMSDATA_API void AimsScanNflush(char **str, char *strRef)
Read the next word from *str, put it in strRef and move *str behind the word.
AIMSDATA_API int AimsFileDimTOf(const std::string &filename)
Return the T dimension of a text file.