aims::AimsGraphWriter_Private Struct Reference

#include <aims/io/aimsGraphW_d.h>

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Public Member Functions

 AimsGraphWriter_Private ()
 ~AimsGraphWriter_Private ()

Public Attributes

std::string filename
std::string directory
std::string elemfname
int elemindex
GraphElementCode elemcode
AimsGraphWriter::SavingMode mode
AimsGraphWriter::SavingMode oldmode
AimsGraphWriter::SavingMode newmode
AimsGraphWriter::SavingMode prevmode
std::map< std::string,
AimsGraphWriter::Wrapper * > 
std::map< std::string, bool > globalmodified
int genindexcount
bool delayindex
bool modified
bool saveall
carto::rc_ptr< std::map
< std::string, std::vector
< int > > > 

Detailed Description

Definition at line 53 of file aimsGraphW_d.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

aims::AimsGraphWriter_Private::AimsGraphWriter_Private ( )

Definition at line 76 of file aimsGraphW_d.h.

aims::AimsGraphWriter_Private::~AimsGraphWriter_Private ( )

Definition at line 82 of file aimsGraphW_d.h.

References globalobjects.

Member Data Documentation

carto::rc_ptr<std::map<std::string,std::vector<int> > > aims::AimsGraphWriter_Private::colors

Definition at line 72 of file aimsGraphW_d.h.

bool aims::AimsGraphWriter_Private::delayindex

Definition at line 69 of file aimsGraphW_d.h.

std::string aims::AimsGraphWriter_Private::directory

Definition at line 58 of file aimsGraphW_d.h.

GraphElementCode aims::AimsGraphWriter_Private::elemcode

Definition at line 61 of file aimsGraphW_d.h.

std::string aims::AimsGraphWriter_Private::elemfname

Definition at line 59 of file aimsGraphW_d.h.

int aims::AimsGraphWriter_Private::elemindex

Definition at line 60 of file aimsGraphW_d.h.

std::string aims::AimsGraphWriter_Private::filename

Definition at line 57 of file aimsGraphW_d.h.

int aims::AimsGraphWriter_Private::genindexcount

Definition at line 68 of file aimsGraphW_d.h.

std::map<std::string, bool> aims::AimsGraphWriter_Private::globalmodified

Definition at line 67 of file aimsGraphW_d.h.

std::map<std::string,AimsGraphWriter::Wrapper *> aims::AimsGraphWriter_Private::globalobjects

Definition at line 66 of file aimsGraphW_d.h.

Referenced by ~AimsGraphWriter_Private().

AimsGraphWriter::SavingMode aims::AimsGraphWriter_Private::mode

Definition at line 62 of file aimsGraphW_d.h.

bool aims::AimsGraphWriter_Private::modified

Definition at line 70 of file aimsGraphW_d.h.

AimsGraphWriter::SavingMode aims::AimsGraphWriter_Private::newmode

Definition at line 64 of file aimsGraphW_d.h.

AimsGraphWriter::SavingMode aims::AimsGraphWriter_Private::oldmode

Definition at line 63 of file aimsGraphW_d.h.

AimsGraphWriter::SavingMode aims::AimsGraphWriter_Private::prevmode

Definition at line 65 of file aimsGraphW_d.h.

bool aims::AimsGraphWriter_Private::saveall

Definition at line 71 of file aimsGraphW_d.h.

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