Import T1 MRI

Places a T1 MRI image in BrainVISA database


This process enables to copy a T1 MRI image initially out of BrainVISA database to its location in the database.
To do this, the parameter input cannot be set via the "database" icon since the input image is not in the database. You must use the standard file browser .
The output parameter can be set via the "database" icon , and this is what is strongly encouraged to do.
As the location in the database does not exist yet, it will have to be created using the user interface for the choice of the location: for example for a database organized according to the ontology proposed with BrainVISA, a "protocol" field must and a "subject" field must be assigned before any anatomical image can be placed into it. All this is done with the user interface triggered by the red "database" icon :

First, a database must be chosen (if you have several ones):

Then a protocol should be created or chosen:

If the protocol you wish does not exist yet, you can type a new name in the protocol field.
Then a new subject should be selected or created the same way:

Now you only have to select the image proposed on the right panel (here, morphee.ima and to validate.
This protocol / subject fields may vary according to the database organization in your site, but this is the default needed attributes.
Note: If you are using the iteration mode to import several images, you can create several output database entries at the same time: typically, you can type several "subject" values, separated by space characters. Then you can select several items in the right selection panel:


input: Raw T1 MRI ( input )
image to import in the database
output: Raw T1 MRI ( output )
where in the database the image should be placed
referential: Referential of Raw T1 MRI ( optional, output )

Technical information

Toolbox : Data Management

User level : 0

Identifier : ImportT1MRI

File name : brainvisa/toolboxes/data management/processes/import/t1mri/

Supported file formats :

input :
Directory, Leica scn, Sakura svslide, Ventana bif, Zeiss czi, Aperio svs, Hamamatsu vms, Hamamatsu vmu, Hamamatsu ndpi, ECAT v image, ECAT i image, DICOM image, MINC image, gz compressed MINC image, FDF image, NIFTI-1 image, gz compressed NIFTI-1 image, JPEG image, GIF image, PNG image, MNG image, BMP image, PBM image, PGM image, PPM image, XBM image, XPM image, TIFF image, TIFF image, TIFF(.tif) image, TIFF(.tif) image, GIS image, VIDA image, SPM image
output :
NIFTI-1 image, gz compressed NIFTI-1 image, GIS image
referential :