Contributing Documentation

Useful information for advanced users.

API: See the capsul.pipeline: Pipeline section for API details.

capsul.pipeline: Pipeline

Workflow Definition

Pipeline nodes sorting and workflow helper

topological_sort.GraphNode(name, meta) Simple Graph Node Structure
topological_sort.Graph() Simple Graph Structure on which we want to perform a topological tree (no cycle).

capsul.process: Process

nipype_process.nipype_factory(nipype_instance) From a nipype class instance generate dynamically a process instance that encapsulate the nipype instance.

capsul.study_config: Study Configuration

memory.MemorizedProcess(process, cachedir[, ...]) Callable object decorating a capsul process for caching its return values each time it is called.
memory.UnMemorizedProcess(process[, verbose]) This class replaces MemorizedProcess when there is no cache.
config_utils.environment([sh_file, env]) Function that return a dictionary containing the environment needed by a program (for instance FSL or FreeSurfer).
run.run_process(output_dir, process_instance) Execute a capsul process in a specific directory.