The exact GUI description of all functions and classes, as given by the docstrings.

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capsul.qt_apps: Application

capsul.qt_apps.utils: Utils


application.Application([extra_options]) Base Aplication class.
window.MyQUiLoader(uifile) Base window class based on ui file description.


fill_treectrl.fill_treectrl(treectrl, menu) Fill a tree control with the different menu items.
fill_treectrl.add_tree_nodes(parent_item, ...) Add the menu to tree control if match in current module name or child modules.
fill_treectrl.search_in_menu(menu, match) Recursive search in tree.

capsul.qt_gui.widgets: Pipeline Viewers


PipelineDevelopperView([pipeline, parent, ...]) Pipeline representation as a graph, using boxes and arrows.
PipelineUserView(pipeline) A widget to visualize a pipeline as a simple workflow.