cartobase  4.5.0
converter.h File Reference
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class  carto::RescalerInfo
 Low level rescaler info used for rescaling. More...
class  carto::RawConverter< INP, OUTP >
 Low-level raw converter (not rescaling) More...
class  carto::RawConverter< Void, OUTP >
class  carto::RawConverter< INP, Void >
class  carto::RawConverter< Void, Void >
class  carto::DefaultedRescalerInfo< INP, OUTP >
class  carto::Rescaler< INP, OUTP >
 Low-level rescaling converter. More...
class  carto::ConverterSwitch< INP, OUTP, MODE >
 This converter is a bit higher-level than RawConverter and Rescaler, it switches to the one or the other depending on the bool template parameter: still not very user-friendly. More...
class  carto::ConverterAllocator< INP, OUTP >
 This allocator is used by the top-level Converter to allocate a new object depending on the input: it is responsible for dimensioning the output object (ie image dimensions etc) More...
class  carto::ConverterSwitch< INP, OUTP, true >
 Specialization of rescaling ConverterSwitch. More...
class  carto::ConverterSwitch< INP, OUTP, false >
 Specialization of non-rescaling ConverterSwitch. More...
class  carto::SmartConverter< INP, OUTP >
 Mid-level converter. More...
class  carto::Converter< INP, OUTP >
 High-level converter, reimplementation of aims::Converter. More...
class  carto::ShallowConverter< INP, OUTP >
 ShallowConverter only differs from the "standard" Converter in the way that it may make shallow copies of objects if input and output types are identical. More...






template<typename T >
carto::min_limit ()
template<typename T >
bool carto::ismin_limit (T value)
template<typename T >
bool carto::ismax_limit (T value)
template<typename TYPE , typename TEST >
bool carto::isvalidvalue (TYPE value)
template<typename TYPE >
TYPE carto::getcheckedmin (double min)
template<typename TYPE >
TYPE carto::getcheckedmax (double max)

Macro Definition Documentation

template<> \
inline \
void RawConverter< INP , OUTP >::convert( const INP &in, OUTP & out ) const \
{ \
out = static_cast<OUTP>( rint( in ) ); \

Definition at line 289 of file converter.h.