cartobase  4.5.0
CartoBase documentation

Cartograph - base package: support classes that don't deal with image processing.

Note: In version 4.4, a new IO library, soma-io, has been designed, and some of the contents of the former cartobase library have moved to soma-io. It mainly deals with the IO system, but not only: allocators, options parsing, plugins and other utilities are now in soma-io.

Provided libraries and commands:

  • cartobase library


The cartobase library now needs the following libraries installed on the compiling system:

Optionally, the followng libraries may be used if available:


Use CMake, a cross-platform and open-source build system. More information on this wiki page on Bioproj, our Redmine based projects platform. To know more about Bioproj, see this page on BrainVISA website.

Main contents:

Other programming rules and notes: