Anatomist commands reference: WindowConfig


Settings for windows (includes various settings)
Attribute: Type: Description:
windows int_vector (optional) selected windows
clipping int (optional) number of clipping planes: 0, 1 or 2
clip_distance float (optional) distance between the slice plane and the clipping planes
cursor_visibility int (optional) New in Anatomist 3.1. makes visible (1) or invisible (0) the linked cursor in the chosen windows. The value -1 sets back the global setting (of the preferences)
face_culling int (optional) enables (1) or disables (0) the elimination of polygons seen from the bottom face
flat_shading int (optional) enables (1) or disables (0) rendering in "flat shading" mode (without color smoothing)
fog int (optional) enables (1) or disables (0) fog
geometry int_vector (optional) position and size of the window (external size). If sizes are zero or not specified, the current window size is not changed
iconify int (optional) iconifies (or hides) windows
light object (optional) New in Anatomist 3.2.1. Windows lighting settings. This dictionary may include the following parameters:
  • ambient: ambiant lighting settings (list of float, 4 elements)
  • diffuse: diffuse lighting settings (list of float, 4 elements)
  • specular: specular lighting settings (list of float, 4 elements)
  • background: background color (list of float, 4 elements)
  • position: light position (list of float, 4 elements)
  • spot_direction: spot light direction (list of float, 3 elements)
  • spot_exponent: spot light intensity exponent (float)
  • spot_cutoff: spot light cutoff angle (float)
  • attenuation_offset: light attenuation, offset part (float)
  • attenuation_linear: light attenuation, linear coefficient (float)
  • attenuation_quadratic: light attenuation, quadratic coefficient (float)
  • model_ambient: don't really know... (list of float, 4 elements)
  • model_local_viewer: don't really know... (float)
  • model_two_side: don't really know (float)
  • linkedcursor_on_slider_change int (optional) New in Anatomist 3.0. enables or disables the mode when slice/time sliders act as linked cursor actions (with propagation to other views)
    perspective int (optional) enables (1) or disables (0) the perspective rendering mode
    polygon_filtering int (optional) enables (1) or disables (0) polygons and lines smoothing (anti-aliasing)
    polygon_mode string (optional) polygons rendering mode: "normal", "wireframe", "outline" (normal + wireframe), "hiddenface_wireframe" (wireframe with hidden faces)
    raise int (optional) unicognifies windows and make them move to the top of the desktop
    record_basename string (optional) base filename of images written using the film recording mode (ex: /tmp/toto.jpg). Images will actually have numbers appended before the extension
    record_mode int (optional) enables (1) or disables (0) the images recording mode (film) of 3D windows. To enable it, record_basename must also be specified
    snapshot string (optional) New in Anatomist 3.0. Saves the image of the view in the specified file. If windows contains several values, then several images have to be saved: in this case, snapshot is a list of filenames separated by space characters: so the file name/path must not contain any space character (this restriction doesn't apply if a single window is used). Node: escape character ("\ ") are not supported yet.
    transparent_depth_buffer int (optional) enables (1) or disables (0) writing of transparent objects in the depth buffer. Useful if you want to click across transparents objects (but the rendering can be wrong)
    view_size int_vector (optional) size of the rendering zone (3D rendering widget). This parameter has a higher priority than sizes given using geometry if both are specified
    fullscreen int (optional) New in Anatomist 3.1. enables or disables the fullscreen mode
    show_cursor_position int (optional) New in Anatomist 3.1. shows or hides the status bar at the bottom of the window, showing the cursor position and a current object value at this position.
    show_toolbars int (optional) New in Anatomist 3.1. shows or hides everything around the 3D view (menus, buttons bars, status bar, referential...)

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