Error message Brainvisa 4.5.0 Import T1 MRI

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Error message Brainvisa 4.5.0 Import T1 MRI

Postby vekteo » Thu Aug 08, 2019 2:52 pm


I would like to use the BrainVisa 4.5.0 version under Linux Mint. However, I got an error message when I try to use the Import T1 MRI option. The error message is the following:

in Import T1 MRI 1 The following command failed: "AimsRemoveNaN" "-i" "home/hp/databases/db_mri/meg/subject_01/subject_01.nii" "-o" "/tmp/tmp5LQBWA.nii"

ImportationError (2725) in _processExecution:

result = process.execution( self ) (79) in execution:

self.output.fullPath()) (68) in import_t1mri:


Do you have any idea what may cause the problem? This part works fine with the 4.6.0 version, but I need to use the 4.5.0.

Thank you very much!

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