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Registration Diffusion/anatomy - ROI

Postby denghien » Wed Mar 28, 2007 2:59 pm


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because subjects/authors are not the same.

If I understand what you did :
-> Registration Mutual Information Method: there are 2 possibilities regarding the ref and the test.
I suppose that ref = anatomie and test = diffusion.
You have ref_to_test.trm (or anatomie_to_diffusion) and test_to_ref.trm (or diffusion_to_anatomie).

-> Resampling: you want to draw in the referential of diffusion so you must resample anatomie with ref_to_test.trm and you obtain a new volume called resample_anatomie.ima for example.

-> Now you can draw (with the Anatomist ROI toolbox) on resample_anatomie.ima to have an anatomical ROI in the referential of diffusion. Normally, you can do a fusion between the ROI and the diffusion in the same anatomist referential (color dot).

To review how to handle referential in Anatomist, please see "The french manual of Anatomist": ... /index.htm

WARNING: it isn't obvious but there are distorsions between anatomy and diffusion modalities (but it is very variable depending on the quality of sequences and scanner). So handle with care ....


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