morphologist: running sulci identification from python

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morphologist: running sulci identification from python

Postby pdeman » Fri Oct 30, 2015 4:05 pm


I am trying to run the sulci identification step from morphologist using python (from the IntrAnatElect toolbox).
currently I have this command line:

Code: Select all

self.brainvisaContext.runInteractiveProcess(myCallback, 'Morphologist 2012', mri = self.mriAcPc, Normalised='No', Anterior_Commissure = self.AcPc['AC'],\
                              Posterior_Commissure = self.AcPc['PC'], Interhemispheric_Point = self.AcPc['IH'], Left_Hemisphere_Point = self.AcPc['LH'])

this does the sulci segmentation and now I would like to add the sulci identification step.

How can I do ?

Best Regards,

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