Freesurfer is not identified in BrainVISA

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Re: Freesurfer is not identified in BrainVISA

Postby riviere » Tue Jul 11, 2017 9:13 am

The "renormalization" process is actually an attempt to improve the robustness of the normalization: after the brain has been segmented, another normalization is done using the skull-strippd brain.
AimsMIRegister works "most of the time" but sometimes ends up in the wrong position in a local minimum. It is recommended to use SPM or FSL (SPM seems pretty robust in our experience).
Now we must admit that we do not have made extensive studies of the robustness using AimsMIRegister + skull-stripped renormalization: it should be better than only the 1st pass normalization, but how far...

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