Error importing .nii file?

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Error importing .nii file?

Postby francois » Thu Mar 08, 2018 2:29 pm


What's wrong with this volume: ... ?
It was sent to me by developers at Yokogawa/Ricoh (Japanese MEG manufacturer)...

in Import T1 MRI 2 The following command failed : "AimsFileConvert" "-i" "c:\users\franc\appdata\local\temp\tmpbiwup9.nii" "-o" "C:\Work\RawData\brainvisa_db\subjects\Ricoh01\t1mri\default_acquisition\Ricoh01.nii.gz" "-t" "S16" "-r" "--omin" "0" "--omax" "4095"


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Re: Error importing .nii file?

Postby riviere » Fri Mar 09, 2018 11:01 am


There is a problem in the handling of some temporary files actually on Windows, we have already found and fixed it in our sources, but haven't got time to release the fixed version yet.
In your case I thing the problem is triggered by the fact that your image is considered as float voxel values where they are expected to be 16 bit ints (what they are actually), so an additional conversion is done, which runs into this temp file problem.
You can try "fixing" this manually by forcing the data type manually, using this command:

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AimsFileConvert -i F:\RawData\0Formats\Data\Ricoh\Example2\2_PatientMEGData\NIfTI\Anatomy.nii -o F:\RawData\0Formats\Data\Ricoh\Example2\2_PatientMEGData\NIfTI\Anatomy.nii -t S16

Only the scale factors will change actually (but you can write the output in a different place if you are afraid of overwriting the input image), then try again, it might work this time.

We will release a fix when we can... (please be patient...)


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Re: Error importing .nii file?

Postby francois » Fri Mar 09, 2018 3:41 pm

Ok thanks.
And it works with the WSL version too :)

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