Graph: Generic attributed relational graphs

Vertex Member List

This is the complete list of members for Vertex, including all inherited members.

begin() const Vertexinline
cloneVertex() const Vertexprotectedvirtual
const_iterator typedefVertex
const_reference typedefVertex
const_reverse_iterator typedefVertex
ContentType typedefcarto::SyntaxedObject< class >
edgesSize() const Vertex
edgesTo(const Vertex *vertex) const Vertex
end() const Vertexinline
Graph classVertexfriend
GraphFactory classVertexfriend
GraphObject(const std::string &s)GraphObjectprotected
GraphObject(const GraphObject &x)GraphObjectprotected
hasEdge(const Edge *edge) const Vertex
inNeighbours() const Vertex
iterator typedefVertex
neighbours() const Vertexinline
outNeighbours() const Vertex
pointer typedefVertex
randomNeighbour() const Vertex
rbegin() const Vertexinline
reference typedefVertex
rend() const Vertexinline
reverse_iterator typedefVertex
size() const __attribute__((__deprecated__("use edgeSize() for ""the number of edges. In a future releaseVertex
size() will return the" "number properties as it does in GenericObject")))Vertex
SyntaxedObject(const std::string &s)carto::SyntaxedObject< class >
SyntaxedObject(const SyntaxedObject &x)carto::SyntaxedObject< class >
value_type typedefVertex
Vertex(std::string s)Vertexprotected
Vertex(const Vertex &x)Vertexprotected