soma-io  4.5.0
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CCartoApplicationCartograph options parser
 CCartoBaseInfoCartoBase library info
 CInfoInformation on Cartograph libraries and extensions
 COptionsParserCommandline options parser
 CSingleOption< BoolOrNumber< NumberType > >
 Cuser_interruptionA special exception which is thrown after a command help is requested and displayed in a CartoApplication
 CAllocatedVectorA STL-like vector with a smart and slow allocation system for large data buffers
 CAllocatorContextAllocation context
 CAllocatorStrategyDetermination of the allocation type depending of the buffer size to allocate and the disk format of data
 CAsciiDataSourceTraits< carto::VoxelValue< T, C > >
 CAttributedCheckerTo check the syntax of an AttributedObject
 CAttributedReaderTo read GenericObject from a file
 CAttributedWriterTo write an AttributedObject to a file
 CChainDataSourceAbstract base DataSource class to operate on another DataSource (to transform it)
 CCreatorObject creation / resize or other setup factory
 CCStreamDataSourceC stream data source: base class for all sources based on a FILE* (stdio streams)
 CDataSourceAbstraction layer for various data sources (file, buffer, socket...)
 CDataSourceCapabilitiesReading/Writing Capabilities of a FormatReader
 CDataSourceInfoInformative object used by IO system
 CDataSourceInfoLoaderGeneric information retreiver / checker for all data sources and file formats
 CDataSourceListThis class allows to manipulate "lists" of pointers to DataSource
 CDefaultItemReaderDefault low-levels readers
 CDefaultItemWriterDefault low-levels writers
 CFDDataSourceFile Descriptor data source: base class for all sources based on a file descriptor
 CFilteringDataSourceFiltering data source: filters out comments and/or counts lines in a ASCII stream
 CFormatCheckerFormat Checker
 CFormatDictionaryFormats holder for each format of Cartograph object, used by Reader and Writer
 CFormatReaderLow-level object IO reader specialized for a specific format
 CFormatWriterLow-level object IO writer specialized for a specific format
 CHeaderTranslatorProperties translator
 CImageReaderImageReader is a low level Image reader
 CImageWriterImageWriter is a low level Image writer
 CIOObjectTypesDictionaryGlobal dictionary of supported object types for IO
 CIStreamDataSourceDataSource on a std::istream (read-only stream)
 CItemReaderLow-level "small item" reader, used by higher-level file readers
 CItemWriterLow-level "small item" writer, used by higher-level file readers
 CLowLevelAllocatorAbstract base class for actual allocators types
 CMemoryAllocatorNormal allocation mode: allocation in main memory
 CNullAllocatorThis allocator doesn't allocate anything
 COStreamDataSourceDataSource on a std::ostream (write-only stream)
 CReaderGeneric reader for every format of Cartograph object
 CReaderAlgorithmLink mechanism between a data source or file and an algorithm operating on arbitrary data types
 CStreamDataSourceDataSource on a std::iostream (read/write stream)
 CWriterGeneric writer for every format of Aims object