soma-io  4.5.0
soma::MinfTreeExpander Class Reference

#include <soma-io/utilities/minfXML2.h>

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Public Member Functions

 MinfTreeExpander ()
virtual ~MinfTreeExpander ()
void push (carto::rc_ptr< MinfNodeExpander >)
carto::rc_ptr< MinfNodeExpanderpop ()
void addReference (const std::string &identifier, carto::Object value)
carto::Object getReferencedObject (const std::string &identifier)
virtual std::string startStructure (const std::string &nodeType, const std::string &identifier, carto::Object attributes, const std::string &parentSyntax=std::string(), const std::string &name=std::string())
virtual void endStructure (const std::string &nodeType)
virtual void atom (carto::Object, const std::string &identifier)
virtual void reference (const std::string &identifier)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 124 of file minfXML2.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

soma::MinfTreeExpander::MinfTreeExpander ( )
virtual soma::MinfTreeExpander::~MinfTreeExpander ( )

Member Function Documentation

void soma::MinfTreeExpander::addReference ( const std::string &  identifier,
carto::Object  value 
virtual void soma::MinfTreeExpander::atom ( carto::Object  ,
const std::string &  identifier 
virtual void soma::MinfTreeExpander::endStructure ( const std::string &  nodeType)
carto::Object soma::MinfTreeExpander::getReferencedObject ( const std::string &  identifier)
carto::rc_ptr< MinfNodeExpander > soma::MinfTreeExpander::pop ( )
void soma::MinfTreeExpander::push ( carto::rc_ptr< MinfNodeExpander )
virtual void soma::MinfTreeExpander::reference ( const std::string &  identifier)
virtual std::string soma::MinfTreeExpander::startStructure ( const std::string &  nodeType,
const std::string &  identifier,
carto::Object  attributes,
const std::string &  parentSyntax = std::string(),
const std::string &  name = std::string() 

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