Museum of ancient versions of Anatomist



Anatomist v1… this version had many minor “releases”, but was already functional

_images/xadd.jpg _images/zoom.jpg _images/lut.jpg _images/curseur.jpg _images/group.jpg _images/settings_curs.jpg _images/lie1.gif _images/lie2.gif

Linked cursor, illustrated on a Sun/Solaris workstation

Fusions 2D

_images/geom.jpg _images/geom2.jpg

Fusion of a Deriche boundary and a T1 MRI volume

_images/linear27.jpg _images/linear60.jpg _images/linear60-2.jpg

Linear fusion mode


With a rainbow palette on the deriche boundaries


Activation map fusion (Solaris version)

_images/rouge.gif _images/toutvert.gif _images/total.jpg

Coordinates transformations



EEG ERP loader

_images/texsurface.gif _images/palette2D_1pal.gif

2D texture with 2D palette

_images/palette2D_2pal.jpg _images/palette2D_2pal-cervgongl.jpg _images/palette2D_2pal-matblanche.jpg

2D palette built from 2 1D palettes