Import Dicom T1 MRI

This process imports T1 MRI data into a BrainVISA database.

The input data is a directory containing Dicom images. It is converted to a Nifti 3D volume using Mricron dcm2nii tool before importation in the BrainVISA database.

Select the input Dicom directory with the file browser icon. Enter the database attributes of the data with the red database button.


input_directory: Directory ( input )
Directory containing the Dicom input images
output: Raw T1 MRI ( output )
The data that will be imported in the database.

Technical information

Toolbox : Data Management

User level : 0

Identifier : ImportT1MRI_Dicom

File name : brainvisa/toolboxes/data management/processes/import/t1mri/

Supported file formats :

input_directory :
Directory, Directory
output :
NIFTI-1 image, GIS image, NIFTI-1 image, gz compressed NIFTI-1 image