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Defined in file : brainvisa/toolboxes/freesurfer/types/freesurfer_types.py

Used in the following processes

01 Create Freesurfer subject from T1 anatomical image
02 Launch Freesurfer full pipeline recon-all
Anat To FreeSurfer Meshes Transformation
Average Subject Longitudinal Pipeline
Conversion of Freesurfer images to original t1mri space
Conversion of meshes to aims referential
Conversion of native (unresampled) meshes to aims referential
Convert Freesurfer images to nifti format
Create FreeSurfer Meshes referential
Freesurfer NATIVE meshes To BrainVisa conversion pipeline
Freesurfer outputs To BrainVisa conversion pipeline
Individual Longitudinal Pipeline

Associated formats

Aperio svs
BMP image
DICOM image
ECAT i image
ECAT v image
FDF image
GIF image
GIS image
gz compressed MINC image
gz compressed NIFTI-1 image
Hamamatsu ndpi
Hamamatsu vms
Hamamatsu vmu
JPEG image
Leica scn
MINC image
NIFTI-1 image
PBM image
PGM image
PNG image
PPM image
Sakura svslide
SPM image
TIFF image
TIFF(.tif) image
Ventana bif
VIDA image
XBM image
XPM image
Zeiss czi

Associated ontology rules

  • freesurfer :
  • {subject}/mri/orig/001
  • freesurfer-bids :
  • subj-{subject}/ses-{acquisition}/mri/orig/001

    Key attributes

  • freesurfer :
  • subject
  • freesurfer-bids :
  • subject ,  acquisition