About BrainVISA


BrainVISA results from collaborative work of methodologists of IFR 49. The goal was to provide to potential users of the methodological results a unifying interface as user friendly as possible. This interface was also supposed to simplify exchange of softwares between the different laboratories of the Institute. This project has been initiated thanks to financial support from the french Research ministry (ACI télémédecine). The first prototype of BrainVISA has been developed by Yann Cointepas during years 2000/2001.

Since then, the core of brainVISA has been developed in SHFJ and now in Neurospin by the team of JF Mangin, LNAO (Y. Cointepas, D. Rivière, D. Papadopoulos-Orfanos) and engineers of the IFR 49 (Y. Cointepas, I. Denghien, D. Geffroy). Several toolboxes have already been developped for BrainVISA (https://brainvisa.info/toolboxes.html):


For the time being, the only references to the BrainVISA framework are related to conference articles or abstracts:

Other references deal with BrainVISA toolboxes:

A list of other publications related to BrainVISA can be found here on BrainVISA website.


The teams implied in the initial project:

Brainvisa's design has been helped by a grant of the french research ministry (ACI)