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Acquisition datatype taken into account in BrainRAT

Posted: Fri Jan 23, 2009 5:00 pm
by souedet
Image file format supported by BrainRAT algorithms are TIF and JPEG. They can contain different datatypes.
Datatype corresponds to the container used to code information (real, integer, etc...) at pixel or voxel level. For quantitative functional analyses, U8 and RGB datatypes are accepted in BrainRAT, they correspond to the most common acquisition type (per example values measured in range 0-255 for U8). The use of other datatype could generate intensity variation between different global scans due to dynamic adjustment. A work in progress consists in making available other data types (U16, U12) in BrainRAT for quantitative studies in particular with new acquisition devices. These new functionalities will be included in the next binary package.