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Demonstration Data for BrainVISA and Anatomist - May 2007

Posted: Fri May 11, 2007 2:36 pm
by denghien

Here is the new package of demonstration data. Those data are used during the training session to Villejuif in France (3-4 may) :

Where is the package:
-> On the download page: - Section "Exemple Data" - Name: demo_data_td_2007
-> ...
-> ... 007.tar.gz

Package is composed of:

-> data_for_anatomist: you will find a lot of data to use Anatomist for viewing and handling (fusion, referential, superimpose ...)

-> data_no_processed: Subject01 (anatomy + diffusion data) and subject02 (anatomy)

-> database_brainvisa: data mentioned above have been processed and stored into a brainvisa database

-> tutorial for BrainVISA and Anatomist

Please, don't hesitate to report me comments and errors in this package.

Enjoy BrainVISA and Anatomist.