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BrainVISA/Anatomist 4.0

Posted: Wed Jun 16, 2010 4:26 pm
by Dominique Geffroy
A new version of BrainVISA package is available on the website !

This is the first version of BrainVISA using Qt4 API. Be careful, Qt4 API is quite different from Qt3. If some of your own processes use Qt, you'll may have to port them to Qt4 (See Porting to Qt 4 on Qt documentation pages). This version's sources are still compatible with Qt3, so if you compile from the sources, you can still use Qt3. Note that the compatibility will not be guarantueed anymore in BrainVISA 4.1.

This new version also brings a lot of bug fixes and some improvements in user interface.

See the changelog for more details.