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Demonstration data for Anatomist and BrainVISA

Posted: Fri Jun 09, 2006 2:48 pm
by denghien

We can download new data and docs to the following links : ... ata.tar.gz

Package is composed of:

-> data_for_anatomist: you will find a lot of data to use Anatomist for
viewing and handling (fusion, referential, superimpose ...)

-> data_no_processed: Subject01 (anatomy + diffusion data) and Subject02

-> database_brainvisa: data mentioned above have been processed and stored
into a brainvisa database

-> doc: only french documentation sorry .... the tutorial and the
manual of Anatomist will be proposed in English as soon as possible.

Please send all notes and errors in this package by a private email.

Isabelle Denghien