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cutting meshes

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Hi all
I would like to make a figure like this . I can make the circular meshes for the ROIs, my problem is with the patchiness of colors in the mesh, I cannot cut the mesh in appropiate portions, nor paint a single mesh with several colors. Is it possible to get something like this with Anatomist?
thanks a lot
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Re: cutting meshes

Post by riviere »

Hi Pablo,
There are several ways to do "more or less" what you need.
The basis is to label the mesh using a texture (using int labels). You should have a mesh and a "abel texture". Then
- you can display the texture on the mesh in Anatomist, using a colormap for the labels texture. If used directly, you will probably end up with crappy regions borders like this:
You can set the texture properties to "RGB space interpolation" (right click on the texture object in Anatomist, and select "color/texturing"), to get this:
(here it's a FreeSurfer gyri parcellation displayed in Anatomist on an inflated mesh)
You may notice that borders are still a bit fuzzy. This is because OpenGL assigns colors to mesh vertices, and not to triangles (and this is also what we do by labeling vertices, not triangles), and colors need to be interpolated on a triangle which 3 vertices do not have the same color.
- there are also possiblitiies to split the cortex mesh into sub-meshes, each representing one of the different ROIs. But... apparently we do not have written a simple command to do so (or I cannot find it right now...), but there are functions in our libs to do so, which may be used directly from a little python script. Then you may color each mesh independently.

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