opacity on fusion2DMethod for many ROIs

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opacity on fusion2DMethod for many ROIs

Post by denghien »

Hi Denis,

I'm working on a pyanatomist script in order to create a fusion2Method between a lot of ROIs (12) and a T1 template.
It works correctly, but the mixing rate is very automatically low because of the number of ROIs. So the opacity of ROIs is very low.
Then I would like to set up the parameter linMixFactor to 90 for each interim fusion.
I see where I can change that for the "whole" fusion, but not for each one.

Is there a method or a dictionary on the fusion object to grab all "sub-fusions" and change the parameter ?

Thanks in advance for your help :)

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Re: opacity on fusion2DMethod for many ROIs

Post by riviere »

Hi Isabelle,
There is a way to set this, although I admit it is not as convenient as you could hope. You may use the [url http://brainvisa.info/doc/anatomist-4.4 ... arams.html]TexturingParams[/url] command to set the mixing rate for a texture vs the next ones. You have to do this for each weight between a given texture (image) and the next one: for instance if you have 3 images, you should set the mixing rate for texture 0 and 1, and so on. You can also set different mixing modes for the different "layers".
For instance, something like:

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a = anatomist.Anatomist()
a.execute('TexturingParams', objects=[roi_fusion], texture_index=0, mode='linear', rate=0.9)
a.execute('TexturingParams', objects=[roi_fusion], texture_index=1, mode='max_channel')

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