Major changes planned for 2010

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Major changes planned for 2010

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Dear all,

BrainVISA core team has planned some changes for future releases. Since some of these change are major and can impact toolboxes development and usage, an agenda had already been set-up for the main releases of 2010 in order to give the opportunity for concerned people to be prepared for these changes.

BrainVISA 3.2.1 (february 2010)
Bug fixes and small improvements that should *not* impact toolboxes.

BrainVISA 4.0 (april 2010)
Qt3 is becoming obsolete. All packages (external packages and I2BM packages) are released with Qt4. Developers can still compile a Qt3 versions.

BrainVISA 4.1 (october 2010)
No major changes for users (according to version 4.0) but important changes for developers. Qt3 is not supported any more and build-config begins to fade away into the vastness of oblivion. All packages are released in Qt4 and Qt3 related code begins to be erased. It is not possible any more to build a Qt3 version. Compilation of BrainVISA related software is not done with build-config any more but rely on the CMake based infrastructure developed in the brainvisa-cmake project.

Best regards,

BrainVISA core team
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