Applicative toolboxes

“Builtin” toolboxes, shipped with the main BrainVISA distribution

Name and URL Author or Lab BV versions Systems Short desription
Morphologist toolbox LNAO, CEA all all T1 MRI segmentation, cortical sulci recognition and morphometry toolbox
Cortical surface toolbox LSIS, CNRS 3.1 or > all Cortical surface parameterization and analysis
BrainRAT toolbox BioPICSEL, MIRCEN, CEA 3.1 or > all Ex vivo 3D reconstruction and analysis
Freesurfer toolbox LNAO, CEA 4.2 or > all Link between Morphologist toolbox and FreeSurfer software.
Anatomist LNAO, CEA all all Interactive 3D visualization
SnapBase NeuroSpin / CATI all All Snapshots and posters renderings for large databases, based on Anatomist, designed to ease quality check.
DataMind NeuroSpin all All Statistical analysis and data mining toolbox
HighRes Cortex NeuroSpin all All Analysis of the laminar structure of the cortex in high resolution MRI
Primatologist BioPICSEL, MIRCEN, CEA all All Segmentation toolbox dedicated to primate brain images

External toolboxes, distributed by other labs

Name and URL Author or Lab BV versions Systems Short desription
RIC Peter Kochunov all Linux Cortical thickness maps, gyrification index, sulcal length and depth, NIFTI and NEMA formats converters...
Vobi One INT, CNRS currently tested only with 4.3 Linux Data processing for functional optical imaging
IntrAnat Grenoble Institute of Neuroscience 4.3, 4.5 Linux IntrAnat is a collection of software to manage, analyse and anatomical (MRI, CT) and functional SEEG data (Intracranial electrodes) of epileptic patients.

Former, unmaintained toolboxes

Name and URL Author or Lab BV versions Systems Short desription
MEEG toolbox MEG Center, LENA <= 3.0.x currently unmaintained Linux MEG and EEG processing
fMRI toolbox INRIA Parietal, LNAO, CEA 4.0 currently unmaintained Linux fMRI analysis toolbox, using SPM or FSL for preprocessings and its own statistical analysis routines
Connectomist-1 CEA, NeuroSpin <= 4.5.x removed All Diffusion MRI processing