BrainVISA News



September 2018, BrainVISA bugfix update: version 4.6.1

Fixes a number of issues, including the broken Mac package. Most other are relatively small fixes and improvements.

  • Anatomist:
    • Allow to put independently several volumes in the same window: a fusion will be created on-the-fly
    • New little image “math” module

The Constellation toolbox has still not been finished for this release. Maybe for 4.7...

See the BrainVISA Changelog for more details.

Febuary 2018, new BrainVISA release: version 4.6.0

  • General:

    • Windows version has been fixed
    • Windows 64 bits version
    • Stopped the Fedora-4 32 bits version. All linux builds are in 64 bits.
  • Anatomist:

    • Supports object of any dimensionality (not limited to 4D any longer)
    • Partial support for CIFTI connectivity matrices
    • New referentials window, rewritten in 3D
    • Windows snapshots of any dimension, rendered off-screen
    • Save/reload fusion objects and multiple objects (.aobj format)
    • Display normals of a mesh
    • Display vector fields
    • Many other fixes and smaller improvements
  • Coming soon

    • Constellation, the connectivity-based parcellation toolbox for BrainVisa, is still a bit delayed because of recent changes, and to allow us to ship an atlas with it. We hope it will be released soon, before a full new brainvisa release.
    • Highres-Cortex, See the doc. As for

    Constellation the release will be delayed a little bit.

  • Removed obsolete toolbox Connectomist-1

    This toolbox was almost unmaintained for about 10 years. Parts still useful have been integrated in the AIMS library, and in Constellation

  • Notably nothing very important in Morphologist... a few minor improvements in morphologist UI

  • For developers:

    • Ported all libraries to Qt5 or Qt4
    • Support for python3 in a subset of projects (noticeably excluding Axon)
    • Support for C++11 in all C++ libraries, also compiles using LLVM compiler
    • Capsul has notably improved and matured, integration in Axon has also improved (although it is not entirely integrated yet)
    • New development and build system in Docker containers: casa-distro project

See the BrainVISA Changelog for more details.