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BrainVisa / Anatomist 3.1.1

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A minor update has been released in the download section. It is a bugfix update, which fixes a number of problems which have been discovered since 3.1 was released.
Unfortunately we have not correctly updated the changelogs, so a complete list of changes is not available. But from those I remember, there were:
- a number of fixes in brainvisa database settings and conversion tools
- a fix for a bug in volume type conversion which is used at various places but especially when importing T1 volumes in the database when source volumes are not coded in 16 bit short (float or double format, for instance) which generally ended up with empty images
- anatomist volume rendering module was accidentally just not incuded in the packages. It is now.
- fixes in NIFTI-1 format writing (transformations were sometimes wrong)
- a few new functions in the libraries and a bunch of new python bindings
and many other that I don't have in mind right now...

We had a few problems while releasing this new version and had to fix last minute and after-last minute bugs, so 2 or 3 different packages have been unoficially available in the last few days, and have been replaced today with "better" ones. So if you are amongst the few people wo have downloaded a 3.1.1 version with a date earlier than 08/08/08, sorry, you've got the wrong one...
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