access to local texture intensity

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François Leroy
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access to local texture intensity

Post by François Leroy »

Once I created a "Textured surface", ie, by combining a mesh file and a gifti texture file (FusionTexSurfMethod), is it possible to get the texture intensity when I click at a given location of the object in a 3D window?
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Re: access to local texture intensity

Post by riviere »

Hi François,

You can use the surfpaint module for that:
when a textured surface is in a 3D view, select the "SurfpaintToolsControl. It will add two toolbars (at the top and bottom of the view). Then use the "texture value selection" tool (top toolbar buttons). When you click on the textured mesh, the texture value of the nearest vertex will be set in the "textured value" field of the bottom toolbar, and vertex and polygon numbers will also be displayed.

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