ROI for TMS neuronavigation

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ROI for TMS neuronavigation

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I have done a functional mapping of the anterior insula to use it as a target for TMS. The neuronavigation software we use does not accept functional image so i need to create a single image of my subject's anatomy with the functional cluster superimposed ont it. I figured that i could draw a ROI from my functional cluster and then export it to the anatomy so it can appear as 'white' voxels on it and i can then use it as a target for TMS.
My problem is that o don't know how to integrate my ROI to my anatomical image. Is my procedure pertinent ? Any advice on how to implement it ?
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Re: ROI for TMS neuronavigation

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Hi Bruno,
You mean, you just want to mask the anatomical volume with the ROI ?
You can use AimsMask:

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AimsMask -i anat.nii -m maskRoi.nii -o anatWithRoi.nii --inv -d 500
where 500 is the value to set in the ROI. --inv option is used to tell that the mask is "inverted": you don't want to keep anatomical values inside the ROI but outside of it.
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